Upcoming Webinar

The BlendSync team would like to invite you to participate in our first webinar from 2-3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT+10) on Tuesday 3rd of April. Click here for a time-zone converter. The agenda for the webinar is as follows:

  1. Brief outline the scope of the project
  2. Sharing some preliminary results from our recent Australasian survey (fascinating!)
  3. Hearing from you about your latest experiences with blended synchronous learning
  4. Soliciting your feedback about what should be considered when evaluating the effectiveness of blended synchronous learning.

If you would like to participate in this webinar then please indicate your intention when you sign up to the collaborator network on the website at https://blendsync.org/user/register . If you have already signed up to the website and would like to attend the webinar then please send an email to info ‘at’ blendsync.org .

Published by matthewbower

Professor at Macquarie University.

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